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  • Crucial B2B Sales Metrics (And How to Get Them In Salesforce)

    In this upcoming webinar, the founders of the Sales Ops Leaders Slack community have partnered up with OppGen Hub to answer your questions on all things Salesforce metrics-related.

    5 Reasons Bloobirds Is Built for Managing Remote SDRs

    Here are the five crucial ways Bloobirds platform can help you manage your remote SDR team.
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    Should I Have My SDR Team Go After a Lower Tier?

    We asked Kier Johnson, BDR Manager at Zendesk, about how he switched gears and changed tiers during challenging times. Here’s what he told us about moving downmarket.
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    Should I Rethink My SDR to AE Handoff Process?

    The standard SDR to AE handoff model passes a prospect to the AE as soon as possible. But in modern SaaS sales, should we rethink this process?
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    How Can I Personalize Video Outreach at Scale?

    Creating customized videos for prospects is proven to be an effective outreach strategy. But how can you use it to prospect at scale? Find out.

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