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    What’s a good conversion rate from pitch to opportunity?

    Analyzing how many meetings/opportunities an SDR books, once they've actively pitched the lead, is crucial. So, what's a good conversion rate for this KPI?
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    SDR compensation for meetings scheduled or completed?

    As a sales leader, setting performance variables can be tricky. Find out the pros and cons of compensating SDRs for meetings booked vs. meetings scheduled.
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    Should closed deals be a part of SDR compensation?

    Should sales development representatives be compensated for deals closed, or just meetings booked? There are two variables to take into account for this vital decision, let's dig in.
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    What are the pros and cons of hiring junior vs. senior SDRs?

    Should you be looking for more experienced sales development representatives?
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    What should be considered a sales opportunity?

    Your pipeline is only as valuable as the opportunities you’re feeding it. So, have you precisely defined what an opportunity is?

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