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10 B2B sales intelligence tools to drive revenue in 2023


10 B2B sales intelligence tools to drive revenue in 2023

Looking for smart ways to boost your revenue? Learn about the top tools on the market in 2023.

Every year the sales intelligence industry is improved by innovative tools and solutions. With every innovation the industry grows and more businesses expand their capacity to create and meet user needs. 

So, which tools are leading the pack? How are these sales intelligence tools being used in the industry today? And which companies have made great strides in recent years to become industry-leaders?

In this article we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about the top B2B sales intelligence tools set to drive revenue in 2023. 

What is sales intelligence?

Sales intelligence refers to the data salespeople use to make decisions. This data is produced, managed and displayed through a range of tech solutions that salespeople can use to learn more about their clients and customers. These tools can help with tracking, analysis and overall evaluation. 

In general, there are two main kinds of sales intelligence data. The first kind is data that provides additional details and the second kind is sales intelligence data that combines with action and intent information to provide insights about particular customers or clients. 

Sales intelligence is a common element in the B2B space. The day-to-day working lives of salespeople and marketers are to a large extent informed by the value and quantity of the sales intelligence they are able to receive, manage and produce. 

Why do you need to use sales intelligence tools?

First and foremost, sales intelligence tools help you close deals. They provide crucial contextual information about who your customers or clients are, what they want and why they make decisions. The best sales intelligence tools encourage lead generation and allow you to have a comprehensive view of the market and customer behavior. 

Some more reasons why you should use sales intelligence tools include:

Access to more accurate and insightful data

Many sales intelligence tools allow salespeople to be more precise and efficient with their targeting and prospecting. 

Improve your sales cycle

Sales intelligence tools speed up the B2B sales cycle by allowing you to reach decision makers and focus on relevant leads. 

Promote lead generation

Who are your prospects? What are they interested in? Will their interests be the same in a year’s time? B2B sales tools give you the answers to these kinds of questions. They allow you to target the right clients, create personalized pitches and gain an edge over your competitors. 

Attract your ideal customers

What does your ideal customer profile look like? Sales intelligence tools enable you to find customers that match your ideal profile so that you can start building a valuable base of long-term repeat customers. 

Top 10 sales intelligence tools you need to use in 2023

#1 Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a tool that lets you know what companies visit your website. It is a B2B visitor identification software that tracks companies visiting your website even if they don’t fill out a form or leave their contact information behind. This tool allows you to reach out to companies, learn about their behaviour on your website and return them to your sales pipeline. 

#2 Bloobirds

Bloobirds is a leading sales engagement tool made to assist managers and sales representatives in achieving their sales goals. The key features of the Bloobirds tool include a useful notes system, email tracking and automation, CRM integration, click-to-call and, among other reportability features, content management and workflow performance. 

All-in-one tools like Bloobirds are ideal for sales team because they concentrate all the vital information through one platform and enable a more focused sales strategy. 

#3 Gong

The team behind Gong claim to be able to add science to the art of selling. With their revenue intelligence product, Gong intends to give sales teams and leadership complete visibility into market fluctuations, team performance and client relationship. 

Gong allows you to gain a comprehensive view of your deals so that you can be targeted and precise with your strategies. Their features include team coaching, extensive forecasting and early insights. In recent years Gong has produced great results for their users, with a 27% increase in revenue per representative and a 53% reduction in onboarding time. 

#4 Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales CRM and a pipeline management software geared towards delivering more qualified leads and reliable growth. It is a CRM designed by salespeople that speaks to the needs of salespeople today. 

Pipedrive’s top features include a team collaboration platform, activity reminders, a visual sales pipeline so that you can see your entire sales journey at a glance and segment leads so that you can create target lists for personalized communications. 

#5 Linkedin Sales Navigator

Most people will already know what Linkedin is. Their online professional networking platform has over 850 million members and is a mainstay recruitment tool for businesses around the world. 

But, did you know that Linkedin also provides a B2B sales intelligence tool that is taking the virtual selling sector by storm? Linkedin Sales Navigator is a tool that allows you to target the right buyers, receive valuable insights and engage with tailored outreach. 

The top features include advanced lead and company search, the ability to create custom lists, and the capacity to receive alerts of saved leads and accounts. Users can also integrate CRM contact and get CRM updates with data validation. With a tool like this sales teams can keep an eye on all of their clients while also planning for the future. 

#6 HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is another great tool that allows businesses to track leads and effectively manage sales strategies. It is a holistic tool that can help you improve your entire sales process. HubSpot helps with email templates, automated data entry and targeted outreach. 

HubSpot Sales Hub is targeted towards small to enterprise companies that need professional standard templates, modern tracking and analytics, and an intuitive notifications system. It is a valuable tool that looks set to make a further impression in the market in 2023. 

#7 is an exceptional piece of B2B sales intelligence software that can be built right into your existing digital process. This simple tool works as a Google Chrome extension to find email information for potential leads and launch email campaigns straight from the browser. 

With you can run ultra-personalized campaigns that mix cold emails with Linkedin automation. You can reach a new set of clients with ease and handle your entire sales pipeline through one tool. They have a number of exciting list building and contact management features as well as reporting, sales productivity and outbound features that are primed to boost the health of your sales strategy. 

#8 Hunter

Hunter is a straightforward sales intelligence tool that finds email contact information based on a domain name. All you have to do is type in a company’s domain and the Hunter software will provide you with a complete list of every email contact at your chosen company. Once you have the list of emails you can then easily search for decision makers and kickstart your sales strategies. 

#9 Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is an end-to-end sales intelligence tool that allows you to connect with leads and grow the scale of your sales operation. Some of their top features include opportunity management, sales automation, forecast management and territory planning. These features are well supported with a powerful and smart infrastructure that is designed with salespeople in mind. 


Apollo’s sales intelligence and engagement platform lets you search, engage and contact over 250 million contacts at over 60 million companies. This extensive tool is used by sales and marketing professionals all around the world and has helped thousands of businesses drive revenue. 

As with many of the other sales intelligence tools, Apollo has a variety of useful features including enrichment and job change alerts, sales engagement tips and analytics, practical integrations and buying intent data. All of these features combine under one Apollo-themed banner to ensure you only need one sales intelligence tool to achieve your sales goals in 2023. 


If you are looking to make the most of your 2023 sales strategies, you need to invest in the best sales intelligence tools. The list above should help you get started. 

Once you’ve found a tool that suits your workflow and aligns with your business goals, you can start reaching new clients and unlocking your sales potential.