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Why Should I Analyze the Reasons Behind Disqualified Leads?


Why Should I Analyze the Reasons Behind Disqualified Leads?

Find out how the reasons behind disqualified leads can unlock some major learnings about your SDR team.

We chatted with Yash Arora, Business Operations Manager at Returnly, to find out why looking at reasons for disqualifying leads is of major importance. Here’s what he said – 

Let’s discuss leads disqualified. It’s essential that we look at lead disqualified reasons or leads sent to nurturing reasons to see where there might be a problem in the funnel.

Is it because leads that came in from marketing weren’t good enough?

Or did the SDR not do a good job?

To understand this, it’s important to select maybe six or seven good reasons why leads are disqualified which are relevant to your business.

They’re usually something like pricing, timing, no market-fit, whatever it may be. So it’s important to train the SDR team there.

And of course, sometimes SDRs mark their leads as unresponsive – but they only tried to contact the lead once. And that’s not enough. So that kind of stuff, we need to capture and analyze for SDR training and better decision making.

It’s the eternal question of marketing vs. sales development – are the leads bad, or is it that the SDRs didn’t do a good job? Keeping track of and analyzing nurturing or disqualified reasons will help you get down to the bottom of it.

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