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Async Communication for Distributed Sales Teams


Async Communication for Distributed Sales Teams

Nowadays, sales teams are spread across multiple locations and time zones. Find out how async communication can help.

The days of everyone being in the office at the same time are long gone. Whether we like it or not, our sales teams are now spread across multiple locations and time zones. Now, it’s time to re-think our collaboration and communication practices.

In the 2021 Digital by Default Summit, David Smyth, CEO of remote work tool Complish, presents how experienced remote teams have discovered that written, asynchronous communication is the superpower that drives their success.

What’s asynchronous communication, and how can it help my sales team?

With the obvious shift to remote and distributed work, many sales teams want to adopt a new set of habits and practices – rather than try to replicate the office online or spend their days on Zoom calls. Async communication is communication that can be read at your convenience, like stored written, video, or audio messages.

Join the asynchronous conversation to prepare your business and sales teams for sustaining and scaling to a full or hybrid remote workforce.

Sales teams…It’s about time to up-level with async

Whether your team is already accustomed to communicating outside of meetings, or you’re new to the game, here are a couple of tips to ensure success with async:

  • Setting clear goals and objectives becomes even more important when your team is remote, distributed, or hybrid. Without a clear focus, it is easy for your team to become derailed – so ensure your tech stack can also support your goals easily.
  • Offer sufficient support for the rookies joining the sales team. If they are not fully office-based, they can miss out on listening in on live sales calls, hearing client pitches, and learning new negotiation techniques from their seniors. Make sure your sales engagement platform supports learning from home.
  • Just like when it comes to precise prospecting, fewer, better meetings can be key. The focus should be on quality internal communication as well.

It’s time to up-level how you communicate within your sales team and get the most out of the necessary in-sync meetings.

Curious to learn more about how a little more async communication in your day-to-day can improve your remote sales team? Tune into David’s on-demand presentation at the Digital by Default Summit from May 10 – 28th, 2021.

Or, If you miss it, you can still dive into the topic of Asynchronous communication with Complish CEO David Smyth.

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