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An Inside Look at Top Dashboards for SDR & Sales Managers [Webinar]


An Inside Look at Top Dashboards for SDR & Sales Managers [Webinar]

See Bloobirds Sales Empowerment Platform’s latest dashboards in action and find out how they can help you make better decisions at scale.

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at Bloobirds most game-changing release yet – our sales dashboards. Our Product Manager Lennart Panknin breaks down how Bloobirds sales dashboards can help you make better decisions at scale.

In this on-demand webinar, get an insider look at what KPIs SDR and Sales Leaders should be focused on, and how to get valuable insights quickly and easiy.

Who you’ll hear from

Leading this webinar is Lennart Panknin, Product Manager at Bloobirds and an optimistic and open-minded professional with a passion for start-ups. He has worked in both B2C and B2B start-ups and always focuses on the customer. When it comes to building products, he emphasizes identifying the problem correctly rather than jumping to solutions.

What you’ll gain

See Bloobirds dashboards in action and get a peek at real use cases and drill-downs for prospecting and closing sales leaders. Here’s what we discuss in the video:

  • See how conversion rate dashboards can help you truly understand and improve your sales pipeline
  • How to figure out why one sales rep is excelling and how to replicate their processes
  • Why and how to split your funnel into contact rate and relevance to optimize your SDR team’s performance
  • Learn how comparing conversion rates across your target markets and buyer personas can build better revenue results
  • See the major differences in Bloobirds Sales Empowerment dashboards from other Sales Engagement platforms

How can I watch the webinar?

This live webinar offers practical steps for analyzing your sales pipeline and a deep dive into Bloobirds sales dashboards. Get a behind-the-scenes view straight from the SDR-turned-Product Manager, Lennart Panknin, who helped bring these intuitive dashboards to life.

Watch now and get an in-depth look at the Bloobirds sales dashboards built for SDR & Sales Managers.

Sales Dashboards for SDR Managers Bloobirds Webinar

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