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How Can I Get My New B2B Marketing Team Off The Ground?


How Can I Get My New B2B Marketing Team Off The Ground?

For early-stage B2B startups, building out an effective marketing team is crucial. Here's a quick tip for getting started when both budget and time are limited.

When you’re running a lean startup, building out a marketing team is necessary and can be costly. Here are some quick tips for when you’re just getting started and the budget is tight – 

A B2B marketing team should include 3 main roles –

  • Demand Gen
  • Content Creator
  • A Head of Marketing to oversee the strategy and lead the team

The other roles that you definitely want to have in place, but can outsource are Copywriter, Designer, and Video Editor. Contracting for these additional positions keeps monthly payroll flexible, plus you’ll save time on onboarding.

As far as channels go, focus your time and spend on LinkedIn. It’s the constantly touted as the most effective channel for B2B advertising.

Make your efforts go even farther by using a content repurposing strategy:

  1. Create one main content piece like a webinar recording or podcast, for example.
  2. Then repurpose it into smaller bites: blog posts, mini-videos with subtitles for social media, images, GIFs, quotes, and key takeaways.

This way, your lean team won’t need to create as much new content and your audience will still gain lots of valuable insights,

This Quick Answer is a summary of insights from OppGen community leader Julia Heesen. You can check out the full article here.

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