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    Where Should My Sales Playbook Live?

    We asked some Sales and SDR Managers experts where they keep their Sales Playbook. Here’s a summary of what they said –

    3 Strategies to Enable Sales With Learning and Development

    This week our partners at are sharing how learning and development is crucial to building a winning sales team.
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    How Does the Remote SDR Team at GitLab Onboard New Reps?

    In this quick answer, Hailey Pobanz, Enterprise Sales Development Manager at all-remote GitLab, shares her insights on how they onboard new reps.
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    What Are the Top Pain Points of Onboarding Remote SDRs?

    Michael Hanson shares some of the difficulties with onboarding SDRs remotely and shares some tips to get through it.
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    How Can I Help My Remote SDRs Improve Their Cold Call Skills?

    Hailey Pobanz, the SDR Manager at all-remote GitLab, gave us some tips on improving cold call skills with her sales development team. Check them out.

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