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  • How To Improve Cold Calling Practices in 2021?

    Use these cold calling practices to generate sales: research your prospects, focus on raising awareness, add a human touch, embrace rejections, call at the right time.

    The Complete Guide for Creating a Successful SDR Comp Plan

    Here are the five key variables to consider when building an SDR comp plan for the needs of your company and sales development reps.

    Rethinking the SDR to AE Handoff Process for Modern Sales

    The standard SDR to AE handoff model passes a prospect to the AE as soon as possible. But in modern SaaS sales, should we rethink this process?

    How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting Like a Savvy SDR

    Are you using Sales Navigator to its full prospecting potential? As an SDR, you need to know these eight top tips to meet your quotas.

    How to Get Past The Gatekeeper (8 Pro Tips)

    Executive assistants are experts when it comes to blocking sales calls. But here are a few pro tips for how to get past the gatekeeper.