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  • 8 Sales Pros Tell Us What Makes an Awesome SDR

    We asked eight sales development experts what makes a top-notch SDR. Here's their advice on how to become one or hire one.

    The 7 best SDR interview questions to ask new candidates

    We asked seven sales development experts what insightful interview questions they've used to build out world-class SDR teams. Find out.
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    How Can I Manage Stress in a Frontline Sales Job?

    Feeling stressed as an SDR or AE? You’re not alone. Sarah Hicks, SDR Manager at Predictable Revenue, shares tips on how to manage stress as a Sales Rep.
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    How Can I Combat SDR or Sales Job Burnout?

    SDRs are prone to burnout. So, what can reps do and how can their leaders help? Check out what Sarah Hicks, SDR Manager at Predictable Revenue, has to say.
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    What’s a Good Morning Routine for My Remote SDR Team?

    Staying positive in sales is no piece of cake. Predictable Revenue explains how setting a morning routine can help get your SDR team in the right mindset.