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    How Can I Smooth the Transition From In-House to Remote SDR Team?

    Ryan Liubinskas, Senior SDR Manager at Redis, chatted to us about his SDR team's transition to working from home, and how he empathized and set them up for success.
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    How Can I Leverage My SDR Team for Market Research?

    We asked Kristina Savulescu, Head of SDRs at Mynewsdesk, about using SDRs to gain market insights. Here's how to learn about your target market in real-time.
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    How Can I Build Pipeline for the Long Run?

    We asked sales development leaders to give us their quick insights on an un-rushed prospecting approach. Find out how to win the long-game.
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    Should I Have My SDR Team Go After a Lower Tier?

    We asked Kier Johnson, BDR Manager at Zendesk, about how he switched gears and changed tiers during challenging times. Here’s what he told us about moving downmarket.
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    How Can I Personalize Video Outreach at Scale?

    Creating customized videos for prospects is proven to be an effective outreach strategy. But how can you use it to prospect at scale? Find out.