Learn how to build your Sales Playbook

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  • How to Create a Staffing & Recruiting Sales Playbook

    Marc Gassó and Marcus Castro, part of our team, offer their advice about creating a sales playbook for staffing and recruiting companies.

    Boost Productivity With Automation

    Find out automation. It allows teams to save time and take away tedious tasks that may come up throughout the outreach process.

    Nailing Email Automation [Webinar]

    Best email automation tips & tricks straight from Marin Skara, Sebastian Sanders, and Arnau Fontanet, who shared their creative tactics.

    Tips for Onboarding and Coaching Your Remote Sales Reps

    Andrew Viegas, Senior Sales Development Manager, and CMO, Marc Gassó, offer their tips for ramping up your reps quickly and effectively.

    Onboarding and coaching your remote SDRs [Webinar]

    Best practices on preparing a thorough onboarding plan and getting your team ready for results in no time with Andrew Viegas and Marc Gassó.