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    How Many SDRs Should One SDR Manager Oversee?

    Find out the max amount of sales development reps one SDR manager should be responsible for.
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    How Can I Create a Prospecting and Messaging Task Force?

    Find out what David Sherry, Head of Sales Development at Amplitude has to share about his successes building a prospecting task force.
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    How Can I Increase My Contactability with Prospects?

    We asked our Senior SDR his tips on getting in touch with leads while everyone's working remotely. Find out what he said.
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    How Should I Update My Prospecting Strategy for Changing Customer Needs?

    A quick answer from Enterprise Sales Development Manager Hailey Pobanz, sharing how she's pivoting her prospecting strategy for changing customer needs.
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    What Outreach Techniques Should I Experiment With Now?

    A quick answer from Business Development Leader James Buckley, sharing new outreach techniques that he's experimenting with.