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  • How to Create a Staffing & Recruiting Sales Playbook

    Marc Gassó and Marcus Castro, part of our team, offer their advice about creating a sales playbook for staffing and recruiting companies.

    All You Need to Know About Your Sales Playbook

    Sarah Jane Hicks, Director of coaching and consulting at Predictable Revenue and Bloobirds’ CMO, Marc Gassó, offer their expert advice about creating a sales playbook.

    Top 5 Sales Dashboard Examples for Data-Savvy SDR Managers

    See top sales dashboards examples that every sales development leader should be implementing now.

    An Inside Look at Top Dashboards for SDR & Sales Managers [Webinar]

    See Bloobirds Sales Empowerment Platform’s latest dashboards in action and find out how they can help you make better decisions at scale.

    The 2021 RevOps Growth Framework [Webinar]

    Get insider access to the authors of The 2021 RevOps Growth Framework and hear their insights from scaling their teams & functions.