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    How Can I Know if My SDRs Are Cold Calling And Emailing Enough?

    Are your SDRs reaching out to prospects as much as they should be? Find out.
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    How Do I Know if My SDRs Are Prospecting Enough Accounts?

    How do you know if your SDRs or sales reps are prospecting enough companies? Find out how to get key insights about reps' activity.
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    What Does the Shift in MedTech Buyer Behavior Look Like?

    We are seeing a change in buyer behavior, where everything is being digitized in giant steps. Even more so in the healthcare sector, where it was needed for a long time. What does this big change look like?
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    Medical Device Sales Strategy: How To Train My Reps Digitally?

    The current situation has led medical device companies to an earlier digital revolution. What is the best way to deal with it?
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    How Is the Buyer’s Journey Evolving in Healthcare Sales?

    Are MedTech sales really different from other sectors? Has this journey changed due to the pandemic? We will see how the consumer's way of buying has changed.