How Can I Craft Cold Email That Gets Better Response Rates?


How Can I Craft Cold Email That Gets Better Response Rates?

It's a difficult time to be prospecting and doing cold outreach. Here are three tips to get a response on the first email.

Without a doubt, last month’s outbound email messaging is going to fall flat right now.

Heck, probably even last week’s messaging.

In short, here’s how to frame your message to get better response rates during difficult times –

Be empathetic, be human. No one wants to be hit with a sales spiel in the opening sentence right now. Make it a priority to ask how the recipient is doing, and how things are looking wherever they are. 

Focus on what value your product or service can bring right now. Find out what that value is before scripting the email, and tailor it to each prospect’s goals. 

Go deep with your research. The more you can personalize a cold email, the better. Find out what vertical the company is targeting, and research whether the company has released any messaging themselves recently.

See what your prospect is posting on LinkedIn and where their priorities are. Use that information to identify if now’s an ok time to reach out and define the precise areas where your product or service could benefit them right now.

Automated emails should be paused right now (take it from Trish Bertuzzi), and in place should be highly customized and personalized messages. Acknowledge what’s going on in the world, but don’t be glib, and don’t be over-the-top.

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