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How to Lead a Digital Transformation in Healthcare Sales [Webinar]


How to Lead a Digital Transformation in Healthcare Sales [Webinar]

MedTech experts will discuss strategies that will help you succeed in the medical device and healthcare sales revolution.

Remote selling – once thought to be a temporary adjustment, is now looking like a long-haul strategy. The pandemic has changed buyer behavior and created the need to adapt your sales strategy, quickly.

Moreover, with MedTech and Healthcare Sales traditionally being high-touch and in-person, there’s a lot of adjusting to do.

In this upcoming webinar, learn critical success strategies for the medical device and healthcare sales revolution from world-renowned MedTech digital sales experts.

Who you’ll hear from

Joining the live panel is Martin Osborn, Head of U.S. Commercial Innovations at Medtronic. As a result of an outstanding 15 years of experience behind him, Martin will share his knowledge in business analysis and leading medical device sales teams.

Martin will also be accompanied by Steffen Haerterich, GE Healthcare’s Global Digital Selling Leader. He’ll share his insights about how to achieve sales growth in 2021 and tactics for driving transformation.

What you’ll gain

Find out what healthcare sales strategies will drive success within your team. Here’s what we will discuss in the webinar:

  • How to drive a transformation in your sales operations and enablement processes to align with new business environments.
  • What changes in buying behavior and digital transformation to expect in the coming months.
  • How to drive change within your sales organization to become more adept at digital sales.

How can I watch the webinar?

Since virtual sales are here to stay, healthcare sales professionals need to adapt to become successful in their digital sales process. Fortunately, this live webinar will get you well on your way to a smooth transition. Join us and bring your questions for 10 minutes of live Q&A.

Register now to learn how to optimize your digital transformation in healthcare sales processes for 2021’s challenges.

How to lead a digital transformation in healthcare sales

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