Do you really need a sales engagement tool?


Do you really need a sales engagement tool?

Understand what you need in order to sell more, better and smarter in a crowded landscape of software.

Understand what you need in order to sell more, better and smarter in a crowded landscape of software.

Post-pandemic sales are more complex than ever, and that is not to say that sales wasn’t complex before, but more so now being relevant and precise is paramount. Sales engagement tools look to make the entire sales process easier for reps as well as making them better at their job.

So, how do you know what you really need?

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How many of these scenarios have given you headaches lately?

1. You’ve spent hours creating fancy custom dashboards in your CRM and presentations to report data, but your reps are regularly cutting corners and neglecting to fill out all of the fields you need correctly and consistently.

2. You’ve had no insight on whether your team is following your strategy properly. Your playbook is a Google doc lost in the shuffle, and you don’t have an easy way of checking that your team is consistently following it.

3. Onboarding new reps has taken way too long because you have too many tools to manage your sales processes, and you lack a real assisted system that helps them understand your business strategy.

4. Your reps are wasting time using a different software solution for each aspect of their role, when really they just need one platform for the majority of their tasks.

5. You’ve been left wondering why your reps aren’t converting more accounts into meetings and you can’t accurately predict revenue because you just don’t have any of the right insights.

Ultimately, all of these scenarios and associated headaches come as a result of making your reps use multiple tools that aren’t built especially for them.

So, coming back to the original question… if you want your sales reps to be productive and precise in their selling, then the answer is probably yes.

So, how do you choose the right one for you?

When it comes to tech stacks, what softwares to use, and how to start to define key revenue processes, there are many different options. You can find a deepdive in our Sales Engagement Platform Buyer’s Guide, but here are some basics features you should look out for:

  • Email automation
  • Integration to your CRM
  • Contactability tools
  • Pipeline management
  • In-app Playbook

lnvesting in a solution that covers the basics is the best step in making sure your sales strategy is future-proofed, your reps are focused on the correct task in hand, and that you can use real strategic insights to increase productivity and maximize growth.

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