Your SDR Team Deserves More Credit – Here’s How To Get It


Your SDR Team Deserves More Credit – Here’s How To Get It

Bloobirds can be a game-changer for the role of your sales development team, elevating it from tactical to strategic. Find out how.

SDRs. BDRs. Sales development representatives. Outbound sales reps.

No matter the name, the SDR role always gets cast as the lowest on the totem pole of the sales and marketing team.

But your SDRs deserve more credit.

They’re your frontline communication with your market. There’s no one in your company that knows your prospective buyers more intimately and at scale. Moreover, this knowledge can be harnessed into a powerful business strategy.

That’s where Bloobirds comes in. Bloobirds prospecting platform can be a game-changer for the role of your sales development team, elevating it from tactical to strategic.

How Bloobirds can help you elevate your sales development team:

1. Measure your go-to-market strategy weekly

The number of dials, open rates by template. Let’s be honest; these metrics aren’t helpful when it comes to building a strategy.

Now, thanks to having your best plays and strategy built into the platform, Bloobirds organizes every activity and result by:

  • Target market
  • Buyer persona
  • Scenario or pain point
  • Message or pitch used

Plus, all of this data is collected and segmented automatically – without the extra help of a sales operations manager.

But, just data isn’t helpful when it comes to deliberate decision-making. You need knowledge.

With Bloobirds, you can quickly get the answers to strategic questions about your messaging, market fit, and contactability, like these –


  • Is our messaging relevant to our buyers?
  • Are we converting enough conversations into meetings?

Market fit

  • What combination of target market, buyer persona, and scenario or pain point am I converting the best? What ones do I need to improve? Why?
  • Any specific pain point or scenario where we aren’t converting?
  • Are there specific objections we aren’t handling well?
Bloobirds insights sales development dashboards


  • How good are we at getting in touch with our prospects?
  • Do we have a good contact rate per target market and buyer persona? What’s the best combo to focus on?
  • Should I try to contact a more accessible buyer persona within my target companies?

Bloobirds will get you the answers to these strategic questions, and more, at just a quick glance.

2. Get fast, accurate market insights

With Bloobirds, your Sales Development team will become a never-ending source of information about your target market. You’ll have first insights into market trends, new competitors on the scene, and growing customer pain points.

Thanks to an intuitive, conversational experience, Bloobirds transforms every touchpoint with a prospect into data. Here’s what we mean:

  • Bloobirds guides your SDRs, so they feel assisted – and they only fill out the right data fields for each conversation.
  • Bloobirds makes it impossible to forget or delay the data collection process – meaning a database full of accurate information.
  • All of the necessary data is collected within the right context and at the right moment.

You’ll have first insights into market trends, new competitors on the scene, and growing customer pain points.

Our prospecting platform takes control at the end of each activity. Bloobirds proactively asks for the relevant data fields (qualifying and profiling questions) according to the specific target market, buyer persona, and scenario of the lead.

And forget making the SDR fill out long, complicated forms. Your prospecting platform should keep your team focused on prospects instead of overwhelmed with tedious admin stuff. Plus, you can say good-bye to dashboards filled with wonky data from forgetful SDRs.

Overall, you can count on your data to be collected within the right context, at the right moment.

Your SDR team deserves the best

Ready to take your SDRs from tactical reps to strategic experts? Bloobirds all-in-one prospecting platform can elevate your sales development reps’ performance and help you make better decisions.

See Bloobirds in action in a live personalized demo.

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