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How Is the Buyer’s Journey Evolving in Healthcare Sales?


How Is the Buyer’s Journey Evolving in Healthcare Sales?

Are MedTech sales really different from other sectors? Has this journey changed due to the pandemic? We will see how the consumer's way of buying has changed.

In this video quick answer, Steffen Haerterich, Global Head of Omnichannel at GE Healthcare, explains the change he’s noticed in the buyers’ journey within the medical devices sector. Here’s what he said –

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I see a shift in the go-to-market approach, specifically in MedTech, where traditionally, we were focused on field sales only. So this now becomes a playoff of field sales plus inside sales and the digital online sales channel. And all of this has to be customer-centered. 

This means that in the end, the customer, which we all are, at, let’s say Amazon, might point their B2C experience and expectation into the B2B world. And why is it so? The customer buying journeys are simply changing. In fact, they are becoming more complex

There’s some research from McKinsey and other big companies; it takes about five to seven customer touchpoints across various channels to make a buying decision. 

So think of an example, right? If you want to buy your car, you might see a TV ad, go online, start your research, download some whitepapers, you know. You’ll read through the specs, you schedule a test drive, you configure the car online, and then you may even chat with someone online to ask a couple of questions, right? And in the end, download some screenshots and pictures of the car and go to the dealer to sign the deal, right?

It’s just to illustrate that the buying journey can be very complex in terms of crossing multiple channels, as I said.

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