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How Bloobirds helped Gamelearn achieve optimal SDR output


How Bloobirds helped Gamelearn achieve optimal SDR output

How Bloobirds helped Gamelearn leverage strategic prospecting data to increase growth. Check what our clients have to say about us.

Gamelearn is a game-based e-learning platform that has quickly become world-leading and Bloobirds has helped get their +20 SDR team on track and turn it into an unstoppable prospecting machine. Check how

Everything was chaotic in Gamelearn…

Gamelearn’s SDR team was outperforming as they didn’t have the tech they needed. They used Salesforce for sales & marketing but a lot of info was lost during the prospecting process.

Before Bloobirds, their reps were having very different results and Rachel Ann Kreis, their CMO, wasn’t able to identify the reason behind it. She didn’t have time to go through every step they were taking and analyze them. Not only Rachel but also Tamara Traba, the SDR Manager, felt she spent too much time asking her team to complete a lot of admin tasks that took too long.

until Bloobirds arrived

They both needed a platform that solved all their daily inconveniences and decided to get started with Bloobirds

Gamelearn was able to see a shift in SDR strategy and output. It’s not us saying it, check what Rachel said about how Bloobirds has helped them:

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