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How Can I Create a Prospecting and Messaging Task Force?


How Can I Create a Prospecting and Messaging Task Force?

Find out what David Sherry, Head of Sales Development at Amplitude has to share about his successes building a prospecting task force.

We asked David Sherry, Head of Sales Development EMEA at Amplitude, about his success from running messaging experiments. Here’s what he said –

We launched a prospecting and sales messaging task force, whose main aim is to identify what outbound efforts are/are not working in securing new meetings.

This task force hypothesizes, deploys, and reviews bi-weekly experiments to identify what SDR activities are yielding positive results during these uncertain times.

To land on this strategy, we went through three phases.

First, we immediately realized that COVID-19 would more negatively impact certain verticals. We shortlisted our target industries only to those who were minimally affected.

Next, we knew that our sales messaging was unlikely to be as effective as before COVID-19 due to global uncertainty, meaning their readiness to purchase a new tool was likely to be minimal.

So, we deployed several experiments to identify what types of messages were yielding positive responses. And lastly, we used those experiments to find that LinkedIn messaging was driving more responses than cold emails and calls.

But to stand out from our competitors, we knew we had to do something different. Leveraging video messaging and voice notes, we focused on delivering hyper-personalized messages to our prospects and provided them with great content to consume during the new working norms.

While we’re still working on scaling this tactic, it’s proving to be working well so far.

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