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How Can I Personalize Video Outreach at Scale?


How Can I Personalize Video Outreach at Scale?

Creating customized videos for prospects is proven to be an effective outreach strategy. But how can you use it to prospect at scale? Find out.

We asked Sarah Downey, VP of Sales Development at Staffbase, about her success having SDRs use video outreach. Here’s what she said –

Sales Development is a dance between quantity and quality. We needed to figure out how to scale quantity alongside maintaining the high quality, personalized outreach that really works.

In turn, we enlisted the help of a working student to help create customized videos where we can show each prospect what our product would look like for them. She’s researching and producing the videos/gifs.

Then our SDRs can quickly record a customized talk track over the video, to ensure we can reach a larger number of prospects with relevant messaging and valuable content for them.

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