How do I increase my SDRs’ activity?


How do I increase my SDRs’ activity?

Discover the 50-point rule that Bloobirds uses to motivate SDRs on a weekly basis. You can count on high performance at any stage of prospecting.

Let’s approach this question from two different angles, beginning with the prospecting cadence.

If your goal is to increase SDR activity, then you’ll need to ensure that each step of the cadence is well defined. A multichannel prospecting cadence with defined touchpoints is a leading driver to high SDR performance. 

The other aspect to consider is the 50-point rule, coined by yours truly. At Bloobirds, we understand that sales performance will feel the ebbs and flows of the market, and sales development representatives will not always be motivated.

To counteract that, we implement the 50-point rule 2-3 times a week to get our SDRs pumped up again and ready to bring in results!

It’s quite simple:

SDRs must reach 50 points in one day. 

10 pts. – Meeting

5 pts – Call to a  correct contact

3 pts – Completed Call

1 pts – LinkedIn/Email Message

Prizes or rewards are up to you. But, our team seems pretty happy with Amazon gift vouchers here and there when they’re on track.

If you can create a similarly competitive activity that engages your SDRs on a weekly basis, you’ll find your sales development representatives piling up opportunities.

Still unsure about how to boost SDR performance? Download our SDR compensation guide to see the tips and tricks that have SDRs bringing in opportunities left and right.

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