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How Do I Motivate and Inspire My Remote Sales Team?


How Do I Motivate and Inspire My Remote Sales Team?

We asked some expert sales managers what they do to motivate their sales teams, especially in a remote work setting. Here’s a summary of what they said –

We asked some expert sales manager what they do to motivate their sales team from home. Here’s a summary of what they said – 

Create a celebration channel

Create a group on a social platform like Slack with the sole purpose of celebrating closed-won deals. Seeing successes helps to motivate reps, especially during hard times when they’re struggling to convert new customers.

But don’t stop here – ask them to share their success during team meetings with some background on how they did it. Recognizing achievements in front of the team is just more positive reinforcement for the future, and can inspire colleagues with new ideas.

Random acts of kindness

Work from home doesn’t have to eliminate the chance for a little company fun – or even a meal together.

Support your team culture by organizing a virtual Pizza Day. Try sending your sales reps a Zoom invite for Friday at lunchtime and include an Uber Eats or JustEat voucher.

Making an extra effort really shows your remote sales reps that you care about making them feel at home on your team.

Build internal partnerships

Let your team come up with new strategies to overcome new challenges. Try creating messaging squads, Senior AE and Junior AE partnerships, and even links with other departments to get creative with problem-solving.

Help reps to take ownership of finding their own solutions to sales challenges, and encourage teambuilding in the process. This win-win situation keeps motivation and morale high.

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