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How many meetings should a rockstar SDR be booking per month?


How many meetings should a rockstar SDR be booking per month?

Are your SDRs booking as many meetings as they should be? Find out with this performance benchmark backed by Bloobirds data.

Let’s find out if your SDRs are performing as well as they should. But first, there’s one crucial factor that needs to be established. Let’s get started.

What tier are you targeting?

It’s essential to frame the meetings benchmark around the tier which your company is targeting.

Are you going after Tier 1, AKA enterprise accounts? Are you looking to close Tier 2 mid-market companies? Or perhaps you’re targeting Tier 3/SMBs, with a rapid new account to opportunity cycle.

The tier your company is targeting is vital to estimate the number of meetings each of your SDRs should close per month.

Consequently, the rule of thumb is the following: the lower the tier, the higher the volume of meetings needed.

So how many meetings should your SDR be closing?

Here are some figures backed by Bloobirds data to give you an idea of what to aim for:

Targeting Tier 1: Between 15-18 meetings per month

Targeting Tier 2: Between 18-25 meetings per month

Targeting Tier 3: Between 25 or more meetings per month

You can see that there’s a clear relationship between company size and the number of meetings. The smaller the deal size, the more meetings your company needs.

Inversely, if your SDRs aren’t hitting this benchmark each month, numerous variables can explain why. For example, bigger deal sizes, targeting complex verticals, and the size of the market could make things more difficult for your reps to close meetings.

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