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How Can I Increase My Contactability with Prospects?


How Can I Increase My Contactability with Prospects?

We asked our Senior SDR his tips on getting in touch with leads while everyone's working remotely. Find out what he said.

We asked Seb Sanders, Senior SDR here at Bloobirds, his tips on getting in touch with leads while everyone’s working remotely. Here’s what he said about increasing contactability –

LinkedIn, has kind of become the fall-back for everyone. People aren’t answering their phones, but they’re always on LinkedIn. The great thing about LinkedIn is you can see when they’re active, you can see a lot of their activity, and you can see when they’ve seen your message. For me, LinkedIn has been a source of high contactability.

Although I will also say that for me cold calling is not dead. Actually, the last couple of weeks of full lockdown, at least here in Spain, they started to get a lot better for me on the phone. And you know, we’ve talked about the shift in focus.

Not necessarily selling or looking for that meeting on the call. But having a conversation, learning about that company, learning about what their current situation is. And like I said before, being ready when they are.

So, and another thing I will add is you’re getting more emails in your inbox than ever. I have been experimenting with a slightly longer cadence and sending a lot more content-based emails.

So I’m not necessarily asking for anything in the email. I’m just getting the name out there and providing some value. We’ve got a great some great content and it’s been really nice to be able to just share that and begin the conversation.

Because maybe in three months this company is gonna revive, and then be interested in what Bloobirds has to say.

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