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How to Make Your Sales Team Finally Use Salesforce?


How to Make Your Sales Team Finally Use Salesforce?

Understand what you need in order to sell more, better and smarter in a crowded landscape of software.

Salesforce is a vital tool for most sales teams and has become a popular CRM platform for businesses of all sizes. It facilitates managing and analyzing customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. Sounds great, right? The problem is, users seem to not really like it.

One of the main challenges with low adoption is that it can lead to a lack of consistency in the way that sales activities are tracked and managed. Without a central tool to manage all customer interactions, sales teams may rely on a variety of different systems and methods, which can lead to fragmented and incomplete data. This can make it difficult for sales teams to get a clear view of their pipeline and forecast future sales.

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Most common reasons for low Salesforce adoption:

1. Lack of understanding on how to use it effectively

2. Pushing back against a feeling of being micromanaged

3. Failure to see the full value

Ways to boost Salesforce utilization

When it comes to transforming your team into Salesforce experts, there are many different ways. You can find a deep-dive in our How to Turn Your Sales Team into Salesforce Champions, but here are some tips you should bare in mind:

  • Onboard properly and conduct ongoing training
  • Show the value
  • Measure & Rewards
  • Leverage the right technology
  • & More!

Investing in a solution that covers all the pains and boosts Salesforce adoption is the best step in making sure your sales strategy is future-proofed, your reps are focused on the correct task in hand, and you can use real strategic insights to increase productivity, and maximize growth.

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