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How Can I Support a Hybrid Virtual/Field Sales Model for My Medical Sales Reps?


How Can I Support a Hybrid Virtual/Field Sales Model for My Medical Sales Reps?

Field Sales Reps have to adapt to a more digital environment. Is a hybrid sales framework the answer?

In this video quick answer, Martin Osborn; Head Commercial Innovations at Medtronic, shares his thoughts on a new hybrid model for field sales reps. Here’s what he said –

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What benefits should we expect from the digital transformation age?

Something we’re really looking forward to post-pandemic; outside of what people have established, is the force multiplier effect of software engagement. 

So you imagine: Steffen, he’s managing a bunch of cases in Germany while maybe he’s actually at the time living in London or he’s on business in London. How do you answer those questions without having to hop on a train, on a plane, or in the U.S. drive two to three hours? Maybe just for a 30-minute question that you’re looking to answer.

What changes in medical field sales should we expect?

So I’m hearing this from others in the industry. Where maybe once a week, reps instead of spending all their time in the operating room standing around waiting for their product to be used in a case; They are spending one morning a week handling in-services from a distance. 

Supporting cases or holding meetings, or even doing some cold calling to a certain aspect. Much like our remote salespeople are doing. So it’s definitely a change as to where our salespeople are spending most of their time now.

And unfortunately, it took a pandemic to get people to see the value in not just driving around, walking around, or hanging out in the hallways; Which you can no longer do in most Hospitals now. 

And we only expect to see in the future, hearing from some customers; that they’re going to try to limit access to our sales team. It’s incredibly important to have those people on the ground and customer-facing. But if they can’t get access initially, let’s make sure they have a digital option to do that.

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