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What’s Software’s Role In the Transition From MedTech Outside to Inside Sales?


What’s Software’s Role In the Transition From MedTech Outside to Inside Sales?

When it comes to the future of inside and virtual sales in MedTech, the right software is key. Find out what GE Healthcare’s Global Head of Omnichannel Sales has to say.

In this video quick answer, Steffen Haerterich, Global Head of Omnichannel at GE Healthcare, shares his thoughts about software’s role in the move to inside selling. Here’s what he said –

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Yes, everyone is doing inside sales these days, because you have to. But in fact, what you have is an outside sales team helping customers remotely. So, now you should think about the hybrid model

How do you work together? And also capture the digital breadcrumbs from those web channels and feed the information to the sales enablement, CRM, tools, and platforms at the right time to those reps? It doesn’t matter these days if it’s outside or inside sales, right? It’s someone approaching a customer digitally. 

So, the handoffs are supercritical from one channel to the other. From one customer touchpoint to the next one, whoever is picking it up. And this is where I see one of the biggest opportunities for medical rep software to help close that gap. 

And like I said, to create that transparency between what has happened with the customer and what could be the next step.

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