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Get To Know Cadences by Lead


Get To Know Cadences by Lead

Find out our new lead-based cadences. You're now able to create an independent cadence for each lead within the same company.

You are now able to create an independent cadence for each lead within the same company. This will allow you to have a better organization of daily tasks for each lead without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Not sure about the difference between account-based and lead-based? We’ve got you covered!


  • Account-based: It’s a strategic approach based on the account in which an organization communicates with customer accounts as markets of one. The important figure here is the account you are prospecting and not the lead itself, you want to sell to the account and not to the lead. You have to prospect different leads at once but without anyone in particular, the goal is to talk with the company.
  • Lead-based: The important figure is the person/lead, you are prospecting that person individually, independently of the account they belong to. The company is necessary for the context but the goal is to convert the lead.

What we’ve done

We’ve added the possibility to:

  • Prospect a lead with its own cadence with no company attached to
  • Prospect different leads with different cadences inside the same company
  • Mix a cadence for a company and a cadence for a specific lead

What’s their use case?

Account-Based: Usually used for prospecting big companies where the leads are difficult to reach to and you need to get in touch with different people to know each role and the decision-maker.

Lead-based: Used for prospecting smaller accounts in which the decision-maker is easy to identify and easy to reach out to so you can directly prospect him/her and talk to them.

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