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Onboarding and coaching your remote SDRs [Webinar]


Onboarding and coaching your remote SDRs [Webinar]

Best practices on preparing a thorough onboarding plan and getting your team ready for results in no time with Andrew Viegas and Marc Gassó.

SDRs play a critical role in bringing your company quality opportunities. A lack of well-trained reps can bring your entire sales pipeline to a halt, so it’s no wonder it’s crucial to provide them with the know-how and tools they need for long-term success. Just ask Andrew Viegas from PowerSchool, who leads a team of over 50 remote SDRs. For this webinar,  we’ve joined forces to share best practices on how to prepare a thorough onboarding and get them up-to-speed and ready for results in no time.

In this on demand webinar, you’ll find out more tips and tricks for ramping-up your reps quickly and effectively

Who you’ll hear from

Andrew Viegas is the Senior Sales Development Manager at PowerSchool. After 2 years getting experience in the SaaS space for a finance start up and also working as an SDR he quickly found a fantastic fit at PowerSchool. Shortly after starting as a Sales Engineer, he was selected to help lead the transformation of the Sales Development team. He currently leads a +40 top-notch remote SDRs team.

Marc Gassó is the CMO of  Bloobirds and currently leads the company’s growth strategy from the United States, one of Bloobirds’ main markets. With experience in both Marketing and Sales Development teams in companies such as Red Points, Travelperk, or Forcemanager, Marc’s main objective in his current role is to increase the number of qualified meetings for the sales team.

What you’ll gain

Watch now and find out all the steps to preparing a thorough onboarding plan and getting your team ready for results in no time. Here’s what will be discussed in the webinar:

  • What an SDR onboarding plan should include
  • What the first 30 days of a new SDR should look like
  • How to keep your SDRs from plateauing 
  • Ongoing training tips to increase motivation and results

How can I watch the webinar?

Struggling with hiring and onboarding new SDRs? Need help getting them up and running remotely? This live webinar offers the fix from the pros who know. Get the best tips & tricks straight from Andrew Viegas and Marc Gassó, who shared their creative tactics.

Register now and get an in-depth look at how to train your reps on demand.

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