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The 2021 RevOps Growth Framework [Webinar]


The 2021 RevOps Growth Framework [Webinar]

Get insider access to the authors of The 2021 RevOps Growth Framework and hear their insights from scaling their teams & functions.

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at the 2021 Sales Ops Leaders Survey Report. The leaders of the Sales Ops Leaders Slack community are breaking down the data behind their recently published report in a live webinar.

In our upcoming webinar, get an insider look at current RevOps challenges, best practices, and benchmarks.

Who you’ll hear from

Joining the live roundtable is Yash Arora, Senior Sales Operations Manager and Salesforce Consultant and enthusiast currently helping disrupt the highly traditional logistics industry through technology at Ontruck. He leads strategic projects related to optimizing Salesforce and Pardot.

Also joining the panel is Tom Andrews, Sales Strategy & Ops Lead at He has worked across SaaS, technology, publishing, and media in every role from sales operations analyst to revenue systems manager. Moreover, he boasts a personal passion and expertise that’s heavily technology-oriented. He’s rebuilt four Salesforce instances from the ground up and integrated almost every major type of supporting technology.

Last but not least, Kevin Probst, Business Intelligence Manager at Alasco, will also be part of the live roundtable. He’s led the set up of multiple customer-facing tools and the corresponding operational processes.

What you’ll gain

Find out more about our RevOps Growth Framework ebook. Here’s what we’ll discuss in the live webinar:

  • A deep dive into the current state of RevOps and key takeaways.
  • An analysis of major RevOps growing pains and tips for how to make them more painless.
  • The whys behind our revenue operations trend predictions and how to stay ahead of the curve.

How can I watch the webinar?

This live webinar offers insights from top SaaS Revenue Operations . Get a behind-the-scenes view of their goals, struggles, and hard-earned advice from scaling their teams & functions. So, join us, and get your questions ready for 10 minutes of live Q&A.

Register now and get a more in-depth look at the current state of RevOps – straight from the experts.

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