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How Do I Know if My SDRs Are Prospecting Enough Accounts?


How Do I Know if My SDRs Are Prospecting Enough Accounts?

How do you know if your SDRs or sales reps are prospecting enough companies? Find out how to get key insights about reps' activity.

In this video quick answer, Lennart Panknin, Product Manager at Bloobirds, shows us how to discover if your sales reps are following a steady and efficient prospecting pace. Here’s what he said –

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This metric is critical because you should always have a steady pace when you want to do outbound sales and prospect companies. It doesn’t make sense to start to prospect 50 companies in one week and then not start prospecting any companies the next. So, here with this chart, we’re just tracking: “Are we following a steady pace? Are we in a good rhythm?”

On the left side, we can see how many companies we’ve started to prospect in the last 30 days. And then, once again, on the right, we see it’s developed over time. Right now, I’m using the interval weekly. So it shows me how many companies we start to prospect each week. 

As I said, it’s essential to have a steady rhythm and try to set a goal for the number of companies that you start to prospect per week. And then try to make sure that that’s always similar. Of course, you can start to prospect one week more, one week less. But in the end, it helps a lot if that number of accounts is more or less the same each week.

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