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Should I Have My SDR Team Go After a Lower Tier?


Should I Have My SDR Team Go After a Lower Tier?

We asked Kier Johnson, BDR Manager at Zendesk, about how he switched gears and changed tiers during challenging times. Here’s what he told us about moving downmarket.

We asked Kier Johnson, BDR Manager at Zendesk, how he switched gears and changed tiers. Here’s a summary of what he said –

Enterprise companies can be a bear to get in touch with. Whether it’s contactability issues or related to current world events, sometimes it’s just time to pivot strategies.

So, after our BDRs struggled to get traction with big enterprises during COVID-19, we decided to do something we wouldn’t typically do and go after lower-tier customers. And it’s been working for us.

On the other hand, while our BDRs typically focus on acquiring new business, we started focusing on current clients. We aligned our BDRs to lower value customer accounts to see if there were opportunities for upselling.

We also doubled down on outbound and kept calling and emailing even though it was tough. We had a solid finish to the quarter – our efforts paid off in the end.

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