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Should I Promote My Best SDR to AE?


Should I Promote My Best SDR to AE?

They're your SDR rockstar. You've got to promote them, or you'll lose them, but your outbound team can't afford to lose them either...

They’re your SDR rockstar. You’ve got to promote them, or you know you’ll lose them to the other SaaS next door. However, you don’t want to lose them from your outbound team either.

When in this predicament, consider the strength of your current outbound team


If you have multiple top-performers, you’re in the prime position to upgrade the best one. If there’s an AE position open, go ahead and move up your best player.

Your core players will keep killing it, and the promise of promotion might inspire better performance from B-team employees.

Still Getting Their Footing

Maybe your outbound sales team has a few new additions. Alternatively, it could be that your top SDR is a great cheerleader for the team.

You’re worried that things may fall apart a bit if they move on as you need to maintain the same amount of quality meetings for your AEs. In this scenario, promote the rep to SDR Manager. If you can financially compensate them the same as for an AE, it’s a win-win. 

Depending on your team’s current situation, promoting to SDR Manager or Head of Outbound could be the perfect compromise.

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