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Should your SDR be doing their own research?


Should your SDR be doing their own research?

Should your SDR be doing market research, or is it a waste of valuable selling time?

It depends on the type of research. Finding and identifying target companies should be a separate function for a market researcher. Searching for qualified accounts doesn’t add value to your SDR’s skillset as the target market is strictly defined.

However, your SDR should search for their own leads within target companies. Even with the most thorough market researcher, there will still be plenty of pertinent information missing from the CRM. Searching a lead’s LinkedIn profile equips your rep with relevant info about career path, descriptive bio, and interests to personalize the first outreach.

In summary, outsource account research to another role to free up time for your SDR to learn more about their leads. It’s important to optimize your reps’ actual selling time, but lead research is time spent efficiently. Instead, focus on cutting out revenue-killing admin work like manual activity-recording and channel switching by using an all-in-one outbound-sales platform.

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