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The No-Nonsense Roadmap to Remote SDR Onboarding [Webinar]


The No-Nonsense Roadmap to Remote SDR Onboarding [Webinar]

In this upcoming webinar, learn how to set new reps up for success with a remote SDR onboarding plan developed by the pros.

Onboarding SDRs is always a challenge.

But from across a computer screen, it’s a whole new debacle.

In this upcoming webinar, learn how to set new reps up for success with an SDR onboarding plan made for virtual teams, developed by the pros.

Who you’ll hear from

Joining the live panel is Michael Hanson, seasoned Sales and Marketing expert, sales consultant, and founder of Growth Genie. Growth Genie empowers B2B sales teams to have better conversations through cadences, playbooks, and ongoing training and coaching.

Michael will be accompanied by another multifaceted sales leader, Hailey Pobanz. She’s the Enterprise Sales Development Manager at GitLab – the all-remote company that enables developers to work remotely. As a former Director of Sales and Global Sales Engineer, Hailey has years of experience scaling SaaS sales teams in the EMEA region.

Hosting the webinar, we’re joined by sales development team leader Celia de la Hoz Sacasa. As well as leading the SDR team at Smart Protection, she’s also a professional sales coaching expert.

What you’ll gain

Learn coaching and training tips, as well as tactical steps for giving new SDRs a brilliant first 30 days on the job.

We’ll also cover:

  • A concrete Week 1 onboarding plan (that’s Zoom friendly)
  • The tech tools you’ll need for both an interactive onboarding and ongoing training
  • How to help your remote reps buy into the company culture and be part of the team, from afar
  • What metrics and workflows to focus on in the first 30 days with a new rep

How can I watch the webinar?

Join the webinar and get your questions ready for 10 minutes of live Q&A. Register now and join us to crack the code on onboarding SDRs… from the couch.

No-Nonsense Roadmap for Remote SDR Onboarding

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