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What Does the Shift in MedTech Buyer Behavior Look Like?


What Does the Shift in MedTech Buyer Behavior Look Like?

We are seeing a change in buyer behavior, where everything is being digitized in giant steps. Even more so in the healthcare sector, where it was needed for a long time. What does this big change look like?

In this video quick answer, Steffen Haerterich, Global Head of Omnichannel at GE Healthcare, shares his insight on how MedTech buyer behavior has been changing and how it influences medical device sales. Here’s what he said –

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These days you have pre- and post-COVID. One thing to highlight is that even before COVID hit us, it was already clear that buying behavior was shifting. In other words, it was changing towards this online and remote model.

And, I just wanted to address one more factor. According to Forrester in the MedTech space, only 11 to 20% of deals are closing online in e-commerce online transaction systems. 

This means that our focus should be, that is, it is much much more important to understand: How are we getting to this point where customers finally make their buying decision?

There’s 80 to 90% of customers who would have healthcare sales take place through traditional channels or virtually over phone and video these days. So this is just something to keep in mind. Again, it’s not necessarily about the online transaction itself when we speak about digital sales. Instead, it is about how to get there.

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