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Medical Device Sales Strategy: How To Train My Reps Digitally?


Medical Device Sales Strategy: How To Train My Reps Digitally?

The current situation has led medical device companies to an earlier digital revolution. What is the best way to deal with it?

In this video quick answer, Martin Osborn, Head Commercial Innovations at Medtronic, tells us the medical device sales strategy his sales reps are using to face the digital transformation in healthcare. Here’s what he said –

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Our MedTech sales reps are becoming more, we’ll say, digitally savvy. It’s not necessarily in the hiring process. Many of the representatives in most medical device industries have been in the role for the past year because hiring has reached a limit due to financials right now.

So a lot of what’s going on is training. To improve selling skills for medical representatives, we’ve been training them to use some additional digital tools. 

Whether it’s supporting a meeting or picking up a device and sharing an in-service, there is training of some sort. In some cases working with a third-party company to have a 360-camera set up in the operating room so they can support cases from a technical aspect.

Now, that’s involved in new hire training, or it can be something that’s brought in. We created a program just for our team to support how they work with customers. Knowing that more and more customers are saying, “Hey, can we set a WebEx? Can we set up a zoom? Can we set up an MS team? Your video webinar of choice.”

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