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How Should I Update My Prospecting Strategy for Changing Customer Needs?


How Should I Update My Prospecting Strategy for Changing Customer Needs?

A quick answer from Enterprise Sales Development Manager Hailey Pobanz, sharing how she's pivoting her prospecting strategy for changing customer needs.

We asked Hailey Pobanz, Enterprise Sales Development Manager at GitLab, her tips on updating her prospecting strategy to reflect changing customer needs. Here’s what she said –

Prospects still want to talk and maybe have more time to do so – but the conversation has changed. We haven’t slowed down sales development, but we have acknowledged that now our conversations will generate a more long-term pipeline. 

Rather than focusing on bringing in net new logos, we focused on driving the right relationships with the right prospects (or expansion within customers). So, we shifted our focus from identifying the customer’s pain points to being a voice for working remotely. 

We stopped actively selling and instead worked to support our prospects by sharing our knowledge and building trust, which in the long run, will help us move opportunities forward when companies are ready to make a move. 

We also changed our goals up a bit to reflect the actions and behaviors we want from our team at this time.

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