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Why Is It Crucial to Measure Your Prospecting Pipeline in Stages?


Why Is It Crucial to Measure Your Prospecting Pipeline in Stages?

A quick answer from SDR leader Emily Parker, sharing pre-pipe sales stages that are helping her make better decisions.

We asked Emily Parker, Head of SDR and Inside Sales at Zencargo her thoughts on pre-pipe sales stages. Here’s what she said –

I’ve introduced four new pre-pipe sales stages that my SDRs are using:

  • Mapping
  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying
  • Qualified

This organization has enabled me to analyze conversion rates and pace between each stage. Now, I know whether my reps have the right volume of accounts in each stage. Plus, I can forecast how many meetings they’ll book or the amount of accepted pipeline we’ll add in the coming months.

By measuring metrics within each of these stages, I have an early warning signal that shows where we are light in the pipeline. Plus, now we can model the impact of a small change in conversion rate or pacing to see where investing time in development would have the greatest impact on our business.

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