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What Should Week One of Remote SDR Onboarding Look Like?


What Should Week One of Remote SDR Onboarding Look Like?

Here are some quick tips from Michael Hanson on how to onboard your SDRs remotely during their first week on the job.

In this quick answer, Michael Hanson, Founder of Growth Genie, shares some tips for onboarding SDRs virtually during their first week on the job. Here’s what he said – 

Not everything is essentially theoretical.

It’s not just your Zoom calls all the time – getting trained about stuff or your own learning management software is important. There’s a mixture of theory and actual practice.

So for example, if you were learning about the ideal customer profile and the challenges, have a written exercise that asks the SDR to answer:

  • Who are the three job titles you sell to?
  • What are their main challenges? And how is your company solving that?

 I think that’s really important because Zoom fatigue is real. So I think especially in that first week, and when you are new, it’s important to set that culture. That we’re not just in Zoom calls all day.

Essentially you’ll learn a bit, and then you’ll practice a bit, and it’s just switching things up as well. Please don’t make it one dimensional. Try to create different things and make it fun essentially.

Also, you shouldn’t treat every SDR the same. You may have a standard onboarding for week one or month one. But naturally, some people will learn faster than others. Some people will learn less quickly.

So speak to your SDR, see how they’re getting on, and don’t treat everyone the same. Because I think if you have a very rigid SDR onboarding plan – that one-size-fits-all approach probably won’t work for some people.

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