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Is Bloobirds a sales engagement platform?


Is Bloobirds a sales engagement platform?

Bloobirds isn't a sales engagement platform – it's an all-in-one prospecting platform. Find out the key differences between Bloobirds and sales engagement software.

Salesloft, Outreach, Freshsales, Apollo. When you start looking for a sales engagement software, you’ll realize that you’ve got a ton of choices.

But maybe a sales engagement tool isn’t what you need. Instead, an all-in-one prospecting platform, can cover the full spectrum of your B2B sales development team needs.

Well, what exactly is the difference between Bloobirds and a sales engagement platform? Read on to find out.

First off, what is a sales engagement platform?

Sales engagement software is built to help your sales development team contact leads efficiently. For example, states that it helps your team: “Through integrations with sales communication channels and tools; management of sales messaging and materials; and automation of tasks, messages, and workflows.”

Sales engagement platforms (SEPs) filled a huge market need – six years ago. But how are they holding up in the current and ever-evolving B2B sales landscape?

The extra features and buttons on top of Salesforce offer some relief; but overall, your reps will still need to fill in a lot of fields to capture the information you need in a SEP. 

Not to mention, some bleak management dashboards. So, without guidance for your team, smart alerts, or easy-to-analyze account overviews; sales engagement software can leave a few things to be desired.

So, is Bloobirds a sales engagement platform?

Spoiler alert – nope. Bloobirds is an all-in-one prospecting platform. We assist your SDRs with the prospecting process from start to finish; while creating previously unavailable insights for sales managers and ops.

Instead of being a few extra buttons layered on top of Salesforce CRM, we are a full solution for all of your sales development needs.

Is Bloobirds an Outreach alternative?

It sure is! Although it’s a completely different approach and solution than Outreach. Our platform is simple in terms of usability and powerful in terms of results for your team.

We guide your prospecting team step-by-step through the challenge of transforming target accounts into opportunities for your Account Executives. Consequently, this process allows you to onboard new sales development reps in half the time thanks to a friendly, guided user-experience.

With Bloobirds, there’s no need for superhero sales operations manager. However, defining new playbooks or changing existing target markets and buyer personas are easy point-and-click updates. Bloobirds currently outranks Outreach in meeting sales leaders’ requirements and overall ease of use. 

Bloobirds vs. Outreach | Sales Engagement Platforms April 2020

Is Bloobirds a Salesloft alternative?

Yep. But unlike Salesloft, we guide your SDRs through the whole prospecting process.

In addition to the standard dialer, emailer, and LinkedIn integration; Your SDR will get a multichannel cadence tool, real-time messaging and pitching support, lead enrichment, and nurturing and recycling accounts. Bloobirds assist your team with way more than just contactability.

Your SDRs will work together as a unit with one common goal, to clarify, more quality meetings.

In terms of a repeatable process, Bloobirds currently outranks Salesloft in both workflow management and performance.

Bloobirds vs. Salesloft | Sales Engagement platforms April 2020

Is Bloobirds a substitute for the entire SDR tech stack?

Yes! When we say all-in-one, we mean it. There’s no need for third-party tools such as a dialer, mail tracker, gamification, or any other prospecting tool.

Here are just a few features you’ll find inside Bloobirds:

  • Native LinkedIn integration means Inmail messages are automatically logged into Bloobirds.
  • In-platform dialer and call recording provide contactability and sales intelligence. However, if your team is already happy using another dialer, you can easily integrate it into our platform.
  • A robust data model transfers meaningful information into your CRM and vice-versa, without complicated consulting or custom process-builders.
  • In-call pitch assistance offers real-time coaching based on your current sales playbook.

Do I still need Salesforce or another CRM if I use Bloobirds?

Affirmative. Bloobirds covers all sales development processes; From MQL to opportunity, so it replaces the need for Hubspot or Salesforce licenses for your SDRs. However, Salesforce, Hubspot, or other CRM software will still be useful for your Account Executives.

So, how is this different from using a sales engagement tool like Salesloft and Outreach + SFDC? Well, many sales engagement platforms are just extra buttons and features on top of Salesforce.

In contrast, Bloobirds offers everything from inbound lead qualification and smart pipeline assignment; to meeting scheduling and account nurturing programs inside of one user-friendly platform.

Why does my SaaS need a prospecting platform?

Bloobirds helps you generate more quality meetings with the right person from the right company. We drag-and-drop your strategy right into our platform, creating a scalable opp-gen machine.

Bloobirds Ideal Customer Profile | Prospecting Platform
Build your playbook right into Bloobirds platform

Account-based prospecting

Our account-based platform supports a predictable revenue model and converts your playbook and processes into action.

This account-based system allows for profound insights into specific verticals and helps your SDRs manage multiple decision-makers inside each company. Meanwhile, many sales engagement platforms don’t allow for a complete account overview.

Many sales engagement platforms don’t allow for a complete account-based overview of each company.

Strategic insights, fast 

Bloobirds makes sure that the right data is collected from your SDRs, at the opportune moment.

Our platform automatically turns that data into strategic metrics inside ready-to-go dashboards. These aren’t the basic activity metrics, like open rates, offered in sales engagement platforms.

Bloobirds allows you to segment conversion rates by target market, ideal customer profile, and value proposition. You can quickly test new markets, optimize your messaging, and predict revenue, all from one management console. 

With Bloobirds, you can quickly test new markets, optimize your messaging, and predict revenue, all from one easy-to-use management console. 

Built just for SDRs

Our mission is to engage sales development reps instead of overwhelming them with admin tasks. Bloobirds guides and assists them, instead of just automating sequences.

Systematic prioritization and company goals directly order each day’s tasks. Bloobirds friendly reminders and task prioritization allow your reps to focus on star accounts.

Friendly reminders and automatic task prioritization allow your sales development reps to focus on star 🌟 accounts.

A sales engagement platform just isn’t enough

By now, you may have realized; your SDR team needs more than a sales engagement platform. SEPs are missing the keys to success – a guided process, the integration of your strategy and playbook, and strategic dashboards.

Of course, there are plenty of successful companies using Outreach and Salesloft. But, if you want to build a prospecting machine, put a repeatable process in place, and land your go-to-market strategy inside your tech stack; you’ll need Bloobirds.

Ready to get started?

An agile outbound sales strategy is key to scaling your SaaS. So, make sure you choose the right platform to skyrocket your growth.

Bloobirds can put you on the right trajectory with our all-in-one prospecting platform customized for B2B SaaS companies. Get a free 30-minute product demo today.

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