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Make your sales team more

The complete sales empowerment platform that transforms your CRM into a smart sales assistant to maximize opportunities and boost prospect engagement.

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Assist your remote sales reps in real-time

Get more precision and activity out of your sales team with a platform built just for them.

Generate more opportunities

Prospecting made easier than ever

Bloobirds guides your sales reps from lead to meeting, helping them target better prospects and generate more opportunities.

Book more, quality meetings

Help your sales reps flow from one job-to-be-done to the next, following your best plays and business strategy, without even realizing it.

Fill up your funnel

Make sure your sales reps are prospecting new business with targeted calls and emails, instead of wasting time with admin tasks.

No opportunity left behind

Don’t let opps get lost in your CRM

Don’t leave money on the table – make your reps more productive with the perfect message at the opportune moment.

Never forget a next step

Bloobirds is always one step ahead, guiding reps from one task to the next and telling them when and how to follow up with prospects.

Laser focus your team

Precise account targeting, real-time pitch assistance, and friendly reminders to follow-up with opportunities will win you more deals.

Real-time smart alerts

Prospect downloaded a whitepaper? Recieved an email asking for a proposal? Your sales rep is already on it, thanks to Smart Alerts.

Focus on what matters most

Collect more data, automatically

Keep your team focused on selling instead of overwhelmed with tedious admin stuff and say good-bye to a CRM filled with wonky data from forgetful salespeople.

Collect accurate data at the ideal moment

When your rep hangs up the phone, Bloobirds asks for the results according to the insights you need and transfers it to your CRM.

More selling, less admin tasks

No more logging calls, or copy and pasting messages. All outgoing and incoming calls and emails are automatically recorded in real-time.

Make your CRM a source of truth

Automatically record every activity

Seamless activity tracking automatically records all of your sales rep’s work inside your CRM without wasting time filling out endless fields.

Insights without the effort

Bloobirds is designed specifically for sales reps, collecting results as they work – meaning more data for sales managers.

Improve your strategy as you go

More accurate data means better insights. Find out which pitch works best and what market has the biggest opportunities, in a quick glance.

A platform built for today’s challenges

Set up your sales team for success in today's digital environment.

Transition to Inside Sales

Help your team build better relationships with prospects digitally with one easy-to-use platform.

Work from home smarter

Systemize your sales operations and make training new remote sales reps a breeze.

Bring remote teams together

Easily share knowledge and best practices while creating a totally transparent sales process. 

Ready to make your team 5X more productive?

Empower your sales reps to find new business and close bigger deals, faster.