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Upgrade your CRM with an all-in-one digital sales

Bloobirds empowers sales reps to better engage prospects and customers with more relevant messages.

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Re-think selling in the new normal

Go digital. Sell remotely. Transition from field to hybrid or inside sales with ease.

Digitalize Your Field Sales Team

Face-to-face sales meetings with prospects are getting harder, not to mention riskier, to come by. Bloobirds allows your sales reps to increase digital engagement with prospects in between virtual or face-to-face meetings.

Digitalize Your Inside Sales Team

Customer buying journeys are evolving. It takes at least five to seven customer touchpoints across various channels to make a buying decision – and most are digital. Systematically engage prospects through digital channels and content.

Virtual sales isn’t a trend, it’s a necessity. Enable your sales reps to work from home.

Find out how Bloobirds empowers sales reps to increase engagement with prospects:

Generate constant engagement

Make every touchpoint strategic

  • Customize your outreach, closing, and nurturing process for optimal communication.
  • Bloobirds transforms your pipeline into tasks, pushing your team for more follow-ups on more channels.
  • Ensure that no lead or opportunity is left behind with a systematic contactability process.
  • Bloobirds alerts sales reps of everything prospects do in real-time, so they’ll never miss anything.

Deliver maximum value to prospects

Offer the best content via email or phone

  • When prospecting, Bloobirds suggests the best message depending on each specific lead, moment, and channel.
  • Effortlessly maximize the relevance and personalization of every conversation and convert more leads into opportunities.
  • Have the perfect qualifying questions on hand for each unique prospect.
  • Deliver more value to prospects, opportunities, and clients with relevant talking points.

Gain more market knowledge

Make your CRM a source of truth

  • Measure your go-to-market strategy and get digital customer engagement metrics, easily.
  • At a glance, find out what’s working and make it scalable for your whole team.
  • Find out which pitch and digital channel works best and which market has the biggest opportunities.

Increase team efficiency

Collect better data with less effort

  • Reduce admin tasks while gathering quality data from your market.
  • Capture crucial lead information straight from LinkedIn, with Bloobirds LinkedIn Plug-in.
  • Automatically register every result and activity, including call recordings and data entries.

Forget complicated integrations and multiple tech tools – keep it simple


End time-wasting and tool-switching – we’re where your sales team lives and thrives. Make daily activities smooth for inside and field sales reps, and deep insights a breeze for sales and marketing leaders.


Forget complicated consulting or training sessions – it’ll be love at first log-in. Set-and-go integration with your favorite CRM and marketing automation platform makes getting started easy.

What else to know about digitalizing your sales team

Why do I need Bloobirds if I have a CRM?

Bloobirds is the only all-in-one sales empowerment platform. We’ve combined Sales Enablement, Intelligence, and Pre-Built Sales Processes to build the perfect partner to supercharge your existing CRM.

Not only do we eliminate sales reps and managers’ admin tasks, but we also make selling more intuitive. We help your team flow through their pipeline, all the while collecting crucial data and creating competitive insights. Learn more about sales empowerment.

How long does it take to get started with Bloobirds?

Bloobirds takes 1-2 weeks to integrate with your current CRM and get your sales team up and running as users.

How does Bloobirds connect with my current CRM?

Bloobirds sales empowerment platform sits on top of Salesforce, HubSpot, Dynamics, or your CRM of choice to make it more functional for your whole sales team. We’ll seamlessly integrate with your favorite CRM, which remains the backbone of your company’s tech stack. And don’t worry, because every single piece of Bloobirds data will be transferred to your CRM.

Empower your sales team

Enable your reps to create personalized, highly-relevant, digital touchpoints at scale.