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How is Bloobirds different from sales engagement or other outreach tools?

Bloobirds is the only all-in-one sales empowerment platform. We’ve combined Sales Engagement, Enablement, Intelligence, and Pre-Built Sales Processes to build the perfect partner to supercharge your existing CRM. 

Not only do we eliminate sales reps and managers’ admin tasks, but we also make selling more intuitive. We help your team flow through their pipeline, all the while collecting crucial data and creating competitive insights.

Is Bloobirds a CRM?

Nope! Bloobirds is an all-in-one prospecting platform that assists your SDRs with the sales process from start to finish while creating previously unmeasurable insights for sales managers and ops. We play nice with your favorite CRM (Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, and more) to provide seamless integration.

Why does my SaaS need an outbound sales platform?

Bloobirds helps you generate more quality meetings with the right person from the right company. We can help you create a scalable sales machine to kick your growth plan into gear. Systematic, account-based sales support a predictable revenue model and converts your playbook and processes into action.

What if I don’t have an outbound sales team yet?

That’s ok! Bloobirds won’t just help you build an outbound sales team, we’ll help you create a systematic sales machine. We can help you cross-over from a sales team of personal talent and industry experts to a unified squad, providing predictable and measurable results. Plus, shorten onboarding time with step-by-step sales process assistance.

What integrations does Bloobirds allow?

Bloobirds gets along with your CRM and MAP of choice. Integrations include Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, ActiveCampaign, and more.

Is Bloobirds a substitute for Salesforce?

Bloobirds will be the all-in-one platform for your sales development representatives. Therefore, you can remove your SDRs’ Salesforce licenses as they will use our platform for all inbound qualification, activity tracking, target creation, cadence management, and pitch development. Salesforce will still be valuable for sales activities inside your pipeline.

Is Bloobirds a substitute for the entire SDR tech stack?

Yes! Bloobirds includes a built-in dialer, email tracker, and cadence manager. If your team is already happy using another dialer, you can easily integrate it into our platform.