How is Bloobirds different from other sales engagement or other outreach tools?

Bloobirds is the only sales engagement platform that turns your CRM into what your team needs. We’ve combined Sales Engagement, Enablement, Intelligence, and Pre-Built Sales Processes to create the perfect partner to supercharge your existing CRM.

Not only do we eliminate sales reps and managers’ admin tasks, but we also make selling more intuitive while driving CRM adoption. We help your team flow through their pipeline, all the while collecting crucial data and creating competitive insights.

Is Bloobirds a CRM?

No. Bloobirds is an all-in-one sales engagement platform that assists your reps with the sales process from start to finish while creating previously unmeasurable insights for sales managers and ops. We integrate seamlessly with your favorite CRM to provide the perfect solution for your team.

Is Bloobirds a substitute for Salesforce?

Bloobirds works on top of Salesforce, making it easier for users to use it.

Combining Salesforce with Bloobirds, you add a set of powerful productivity and task management tools that adds value to it and drives user adoption.

Can I use Bloobirds if I don't have Salesforce?

Yes. If you don’t have Salesforce or you don’t have a CRM, Bloobirds can still be suitable for you. Contact us for more info.

Who is Bloobirds suitable for?

Bloobirds is made for any team member who reaches out to leads, prospects, and clients. More specifically is a solution made to improve the daily tasks of sales representatives, sales managers, CRM administrators, sales trainers, innovation specialists, and IT administrators.

What integrations does Bloobirds allow?

Bloobirds gets along with your CRM and MAP of choice. Our integrations include software such as Salesforce, LinkedIn, Aircall, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, ActiveCampaign, G-Suit, Microsoft Outlook, Autopilot, Cooper, Oracle Eloqua, Just Call, Vtiger, Twilio, and Sugar CRM.

Are there different plans or licenses?

No different plans. We do have 2 types of pricing: by licenses and by services. We have different types of license packages that include features that include cadences and contact tools, LinkedIn extension and email automation, and workflows and visual editor. You can include other types of premium services to customize Bloobirds even more, thanks to our premium services.

Does Bloobirds logs every single activity?

Yes, but only sales activity related to leads registered on the CRM will be logged. So don’t worry about having your communications in the CRM. Also, if someone doesn’t want activities such as calls, emails or messages to be registered, they can opt-out anytime.

How does Bloobirds integrates with a marketing strategy?

Bloobirds is a sales engagement platform that covers the whole cycle from lead to deal. Bloobirds can be integrated with marketing platforms such as HubSpot, Pardot, Eloqua, Activecampaign, and more, so inbound leads can come through and be treated in Bloobirds by sales reps.

As a bonus track, Bloobirds allows keeping better track of inbound leads so they don’t get lost. Lead management and assignment can be done from the marketing platform or directly from Bloobirds.