Bloobirds + Hubspot CRM

More than a technical integration.
The perfect duo for Sales pros.

Automatic, real-time updates in and out of Hubspot CRM.
Bloobirds’ bi-directional native integration with Hubspot CRM is fully designed with the most common sales and marketing processes for B2B companies in mind. Simple and straightforward.

Lead contact flow

  • Outgoing: This trigger creates a contact in HubSpot and will set off depending on the lead’s status in Bloobirds. You can decide in which status/statuses a Bloobirds lead will be created in HubSpot.


  • Incoming: You can choose to have the integration collect the contacts from a dynamic contact list or a workflow or select all HubSpot contacts and create them in Bloobirds. If the contacts have an associated company in HubSpot, you can choose to create it and assign them to it. If they don’t have an associated company, the leads will go to the “Add QC tab → Leads without QC” tab to be accepted. The leads that enter Bloobirds with the field “Leads source” set as “Inbound”, will appear on the “Inbound” tab. They’ll be either on the “MQL” or “SAL” subtabs to be accepted. In the integration setup page you can choose which tab they should appear on.


  • Updates: If a lead exists in Bloobirds and in HubSpot you’ll see in “CRM information” that the lead has the CRM contact ID field filled with the ID from HubSpot. If this lead is updated either in HubSpot or in Bloobirds, it will be reflected in the other software respecting the mapping established in “Account settings”.

Company flow

  • Outgoing: Every time a company is created in Bloobirds it will also be created automatically in HubSpot. The fields seen in HubSpot will be the ones selected in “Account settings”.

  • Incoming: Companies can be created from HubSpot in 3 ways: The companies associated with the contacts that enter Bloobirds (see Lead – Contact flow), companies created from a workflow in HubSpot or all HubSpot companies.


  • Updates: Every time a company is updated in Bloobirds or Hubspot and it exists in the other app, it will be reflected following the rules established in the “fields mapping” tab. Like in leads, you can see if a company is related to HubSpot by seeing the “CRM information” tab on the company layout and checking if the “CRM company ID” field is populated.

Activity flow

  • Outgoing: Activities from Bloobirds can be sent to HubSpot. You can decide what types of activities to send by checking them in “Account settings → Hubspot integration”. For calls, you can filter which ones to send to HubSpot depending on the call result or if it has a recording or not.


  • Incoming: You can decide if activities from HubSpot are created in Bloobirds in “Account settings → Hubspot integration”.


  • Updates: If an activity generated in Bloobirds is updated in HubSpot it will be also updated in Bloobirds.

Meeting - Deal flow

  • Outgoing: When a meeting is created in Bloobirds it’s going to be created as a meeting activity in HubSpot. The field “Account executive” in Bloobirds is going to indicate the owner of the meeting and the contact in HubSpot. Independently, you can decide to create a deal object as well in HubSpot at the same time the meeting is created.


  • Incoming: When a meeting result is marked in HubSpot (field “Outcome”), this is sent back to Bloobirds. The meeting result field has an effect on the company status.
Meeting result Action in Bloobirds
Qualified Company status “Account”
No show Reschedule meeting task
Unqualified Company status “Discarded”


Also, if a Deal has been created from Bloobirds, its stages will also influence the company’s status. “Closed won” is going to be reflected in Bloobirds as “Client”, “Closed Lost” is going to be seen as “Nurturing/Discarded” depending on what you choose.

  • Updates: You can update the information you need from the BB Meeting object to HS.

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