We interviewed 
14 B2B SaaS sales ops pros

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"Work closely the 'ground floor' folks. They will always have the insights that you won’t be able to find with data alone."

OppGen is the home of B2B sales experts. We strive to uncover and share the hard-earned strategies and tactics used by the SaaS and technology industry’s biggest names. Join the community built for frontline salespeople by frontline salespeople.

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bloobirds is helpful to anyone in need of an assisted, user-friendly, and powerful outbound sales process. Ideal for B2B SaaS companies ready for more quality opportunities and growth through account-based outbound sales.

Every SaaS knows (or will find out) that there is no scaling without an airtight sales operations plan. So, why don’t we hear more from sales ops leaders? 

We set out to change that. We sat down with 14 sales and revenue operations managers to get their hard-earned strategies and the latest best practices.

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Ella Pebbles
Director of Revenue Operations

"Rev ops needs to focus on putting time back in the hands of sellers and shifting it away from excessive administration across many platforms."

Tom Andrews
Revenue Operations

"I believe that for the customer to have a tremendous external experience, it starts with internal people, processes, and tech."

Tarnjeet Nandra
Head of Revenue Operations

Yash Arora
Global Sales Operations Manager

"Ensure that the end-user sees real value in the solution, instead of a process you built so that management can get the right reports."

Get 14 actionable sales operations tips now

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Get 14 actionable sales operations tips now

We interviewed 
14 B2B SaaS sales ops pros

Here’s what they said

"Seriously, this is one of the best ebooks I’ve read lately! It gives quite a good overview from different perspectives and companies, lining up to-the-point facts in the right amount of detail."

Emel Idrizová
Sales Operations Manager at