The step-by-step guide for transitioning to MedTech inside sales in 2021

Managing a virtual inside sales vs. outside sales team requires new skills, processes, and technology. Find out the five steps to success in our free guide created exclusively for MedTech sales leaders.

For the healthcare and medical device sales industry, 2020’s unique challenges continue into 2021. Although the transition to inside vs. outside sales is a model that has become more popular in MedTech in recent years – never has there been a more important time for MedTech sales teams to start implementing virtual sales strategies than now.

Since inside sales can be done from anywhere, this challenging environment presents a timely opportunity for leaders to pivot to a virtual sales strategy. We’ve consulted B2B sales experts and healthcare professionals to create a five step plan to help. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find inside the book: 

Drive transformation in your sales team to adapt to virtual selling and building relationships with buyer’s from home.

MedTech Sales Directors

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Smooth your transition from outside sales to virtual sales


What's inside?

How to set up an effective onboarding and virtual training plan for both new and legacy sales reps working from home.

Learn to ensure a timely and effective follow-up process to build trust throughout the new virtual buyer’s journey.

How to support consistent selling activities and update your sales process for the long-run.

Who should read this guide?

Find out what technology and data collection capabilities you’ll need support the transition from outside to inside sales.

Healthcare CRM Managers

Learn new B2B inside sales training techniques and ensure the right strategies to convert buyers virtually.

Medical Device Sales Managers